The patents, methods, processes, systems architected, and products developed have generated over $1B+ in positive margin revenue and cost and service savings exceeding $300M+ 

The Innovation Garage™  is a business innovation firm that partners with it’s clients in the design of products, process, service, and supply chain solutions using a system based mindset. 


TO BE RECOGNIZED as a premier business innovation firm partnering with industry leaders, driving creative thinking that adds value, and generating long term growth for our clients.


WE DELIVER unique product, process, service, and supply chain solutions through a powerful combination of unique systems designed to Innovate – Accelerate – Execute – Amplify™ our clients long term growth.



Focused on Innovation as a cornerstone and key transformational element for any type of business activity, The Innovation Garage, assists their clients in growing their business (both new and existing products and services), through all phases of development (from concept idea through commercial launch).


The Innovation Garage also provides a unique capability and skillset to do turn-key work for its clients, or provide the leadership and coaching necessary to train clients on how best to partner with others and do the work themselves in launching new products and services.


These unique skills include insights, tools, and training, on how build ground up new offerings or push the reset button to reinvent an existing product or service portfolio.

This includes applying innovation principles to even the most challenging aspects of product and service design, regulatory qualification, sourcing, supply chain design, negotiation, contracts, legal, risk, and business relationship development.


This is accomplished through a powerful combination of practical experience, networks (both human and technology based), unique development and deployment methods, and tools that are used to partner with clients to identify, manage, measure, then amplify long-term growth of the specific impact targets important to the client.

Very simply, the name identifies and recognizes the spirit of the most innovative companies…many of which started in a Garage…HP, Apple, and the many multitudes of family based businesses….the garage is an innovative space in America.

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