The Innovation Garage® partners with Palambridge to Drive Long Term Value and Growth

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 Re-imagining procurement’s ability to impact strategy, innovation, and profitability

AKRON, OH. and LOS ANGELES, CA  – The Innovation Garage® and Palambridge announced today that they will partner to increase procurement’s contributions to competitive advantage – bringing together procurement experts, technology, and intelligence on demand via a virtual platform.

The Innovation Garage is a business innovation firm that partners with its clients in the design of products, process, service, and supply chain solutions. Their solutions provide education, tools and technology from start-ups to the Global Fortune 50, helping leaders who want to build organizational capability AND intentionally self-disrupt their organizations and offerings for long term profitable growth.

 “More than ever before, successful procurement organizations must harness the innovation capabilities of their supply base” said Philip Ideson, Managing Director of Palambridge. “The Innovation Garage applies a consistent approach for taking innovation from an initial concept to profitability. They are in a unique position to help clients that want to build a supplier enabled culture of innovation or have specific areas or spend categories where they want to invest – and bring their suppliers on the journey with them.”

The Palambridge platform combines experienced subject matter experts with technology and framework partners that share their revolutionary point of view about procurement’s future trajectory.

The Innovation Garage works with companies to accelerate results while decreasing the associated risks using approaches such as design thinking, lean startup, innovation engineering, agile development, simulation modeling, lean/six sigma operations and Center Led Procurement and value chain analysis for products, process, service and supply chain.

“Palambridge represents the leading edge of driving long term value and growth for organizations,” said Jon Washington, Founder and Proprietor of The Innovation Garage. “It captures the essence of the innovation and gig economy by providing targeted insight, execution and services delivery that flips the traditional mindset of procurement on it’s head. Rather than focusing solely on savings, Palambridge instead captures the diverse skill sets of others into a value engine focused on long term profitable revenue growth for your organization.“

Palambridge and The Innovation Garage welcome all procurement individuals and organizations to leverage their combined strengths by reaching out and inquiring about a custom-fit program to meet their goals.

To learn more about what this might look and feel like for your organization, listen to the conversation between Phil and Jon in a recent Art of Procurement podcast at this link

For more information contact:

The Innovation Garage –

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About The Innovation Garage®

 The Innovation Garage is a global business innovation firm that helps organizations become more profitable, providing world-class education, tools and technology on how to craft business operating systems focused on long-term growth.

With clients as diverse as manufacturing, financial self service, energy, hospital networks and not for profit educational institutions, the firm guides leaders from startup to the Global Fortune 50 to intentionally self-disrupt their offerings by building organizational capability in the areas of front end innovation for product, service, and supply chain design and development. For more information visit

About Palambridge

Palambridge is a virtual platform of procurement experts, technology, and intelligence created to provide a broad range of flexible, strategic, tailored solutions on-demand. The value and objective-driven approach of the Palambridge platform brings tomorrow’s supply management to procurement leaders and organizations today. For more information visit


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