Supplier Enabled Innovation – Harnessing the True Power of Suppliers – Webinar Replay

Supplier Enabled Innovation: Harnessing the true power of suppliers
Catch this Webinar Reply with friends of The Innovation Garage at Old Street Labs in the UK . Jordan Early from Old Street Labs moderates a panel conversation with Collaborators, Advisory Board Members and Clients sharing the power and some of the “how to do” for supplier enabled innovation!Screen Shot 2017-04-22 at 12.36.55 PM

 Supplier Enabled Innovation is the future of procurement, or as John Paterson, former CPO of IBM said: “There’s nothing more significant on the horizon than Supplier-Enabled Innovation.”

Procurement occupies a privileged position in the business ecosystem, having excellent relationships with key internal stakeholders as well as thousands of external suppliers. Procurement is also a function that draws team members from many diverse backgrounds.

These unique viewpoints means that procurement can build teams that help to match supplier capabilities with business and customer needs; bringing new opportunities to their companies in a systemized, structured way and can deliver a tremendous amount of value to the organization.

In this webinar, you will learn:

    • Why you need to move beyond classic Supplier Relationship Management (SRM)
    • The evolution of Supplier Enabled Innovation, how to shift your organizational thinking to build trust and create a value based relationships
  • The importance of business methods to collaborate on joint development, shared IP, and shared revenue licensing models
  • Practical tips & insights with a discussion on some real world case stories giving a feel for how a Supplier Enabled Innovation Organization operates.


Webinar Highlights and Discussion Points include;

  • SEI is the next big opportunity for procurement and supply chain. However, most procurement functions are measured on savings rather than revenues and growth, which does have the potential to unhinge these programs from the start.
  • Don’t be afraid to get started with SEI regardless of your company size and industry. Start to learn about it and tie in other functional groups by sharing some of the projected outcomes that could be achieved by a successful SEI program.
  • Due to its cross-functional nature, people with strong relationship building, facilitation and moderation skills seem to be a great skill fit for running SEI programs.
  • True supplier partnerships based on trust, transparency and shared goals drive increased innovation.
  • Procurement is ideally positioned to own SEI. Operations teams are another great place to start. Regardless of where, ensure that highest levels of leadership in the organization support SEI as a long term strategy for growth.

At The Innovation Garage®…

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