Demo Day. Why it’s important to show and tell.


For the last week, The Innovation Garage® has been focused on driving to Demo Day for a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) client product development.

The comic strip panels from Dilbert and the classic demo photo from Boston Whaler Boat Company, whose tag line is “The Unsinkable Legend” show the extremes of what demo day can be.


The Dilbert strip above  is a lot of hand waving. Sometimes you need to do that.


Other times, you need to be a bit bolder, like the Boston Whaler Company.

The Boston Whaler Company’s tag line is “The Unsinkable Legend”.

A bold tag line for certain. Skeptics would say, “Unsinkable legend. Prove it.”

The company photo above could be captioned;  “We are so confident, let us take this chain saw and we will show you!”

We love demo day.

Demo day is something something special at The Innovation Garage®

Demo Day means that we get to show and tell.  Demo day means we have to be “on”.

It’s time to make it real, with no excuses.

Just like the Boston Whaler Team.

Demo Day means that we have reached a point in the MVP that decisions need to be made about doing something bigger and moving to the next step.

Following the demo, one of two things can happen.

First, we must stop where we are.

Or, we go to deeper development phases and learnings.

Why is Demo Day important?

Demo Day is such a simple concept that is very meaningful.

Demo day is important because the pressure to get to demo day challenges the team.

Demo Day makes what seems almost impossible when you first start, truly possible.

It’s a confidence builder for organizations, teams, employees, and your culture like no other.

So how did our demo day go?

Direct Quote from the client –  “That Demo went so we’ll, we thought it was fake!”

Our Hardware and App developer’s were absolutely thrilled with those comments.

This means the developers quickly captured in the MVP what the client was looking for.

In effect, the team got the WOW from the client we are always looking to hear.

Given this learning we pose a question to you…

 Are you working on WOW things, or just trying to make the prudent seem interesting?

Give a real demo day a shot, and see then what it means to your organization.

To learn more about how The Innovation Garage® can help support your plans to improve your organization’s Demo Day… Please reach out to us below.

At The Innovation Garage®…

We help organizations become more profitable. We build strategy. We build ideas and the capability of teams. We design products, services and supply chains.

We guide leaders from startup to the Global Fortune 50 to intentionally self-disrupt their offerings and organizations.

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