Congrats Jim Petroski: Advisory Board Member AND Innovation Engineering Blue Belt



Congratulations Jim Petroski founder of Design by Analysis Technical Consulting LLC and advisory board member with The Innovation Garage® on your Innovation Engineering Blue Belt Certification!

As Jim posted to his website and Linked in… “Nice accomplishment – I completed and became certified as a Blue Belt in Innovation Engineering, part of my role in the Advisory Board of The Innovation Garage®, and expanding into new territory here in the 21st century as Design by Analysis Technical Consulting LLC continues to grow. Now on to the Black Belt. My thanks to Jon Washington for his help and assistance with this over the past few months.”

We appreciate Jim’s positive energy and his personal desire to experiment and learn new things. Jim will be using his education and certification to help support his role as an advisory board member as well as provide support and lead others with client engagements at The Innovation Garage.

If you would like to learn more about our innovation education programs AND the tools and technology we use that will help your organizations long-term growth, Please drop us a line at

At The Innovation Garage®…

We help organizations become more profitable. We build strategy. We build ideas and the capability of teams. We design products, services and supply chains. We guide leaders from startup to the Global Fortune 50 to intentionally self-disrupt their offerings and organizations. We provide world-class education, tools and technology on how to craft business operating systems focused on long-term profitable growth.

Contact us at on the web at, or check out our events pages to learn more or schedule a private session with us.

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