Got Strategy, But No Momentum? 3 Things You Can Do.

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We all know the scenario.

Weeks, months, maybe even a full year of planning, debate, re-planning, more debate and then finally… consensus.

We have THE PLAN!

It’s a 1, 3 or 5 year Strategic Plan that ensures our organization will revitalize and grow. A sure thing.

Leather bound binders are put together to demonstrate how brilliant and everlasting the strategic plan is.

Hurrah’s go out across the board room. We now know what to do. Let’s go!

Then what happens?

Pressing day to day matters of running the business get in the way. Quarterly performance needs optimized. We have shareholders to support.

Critical customer issues need supported. The last product launch was really, really difficult.  We’re still fixing the customer problems from that last launch.

The price pressures are intense.  It’s a commodity market out there. We must sell to generate revenue. Let’s just take this one deal at negative margin. It’s OK. We’ll make it up in volume with another customer.

What has happened to that brilliant strategic plan?

Most of the time, a lot of nothing.  The strategy is sitting there in that leather binder or slide deck untouched and unactioned.

The day to day has crushed any momentum or chance we ever had to move forward.

To get back on track, You can do three things:

1) Drive ALIGNMENT – Make sure all the organization knows what our critical mission is. The WHAT we are doing.

2) Link STRATEGY to TACTICS. Demonstrate that every action links back to your strategic plan. This is the WHY it’s important.

3) Drive MOMENTUM to focus on growth. Educate your employees and teams to invent the HOW for your strategic plan.


About The Innovation Garage

The Innovation Garage is a business Innovation Firm driving long-term growth of companies and non-profits, from start-up to the fortune 1000.

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